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Our history

Since 1999, Glimmerglass Fiberglass Pools has set new standards for excellence in outdoor leisure.

We’re proud to produce every single Glimmerglass pool right here in the United States.

Our state-of-the-art production facility in Fort Plain, New York originally housed a textile factory that produced women’s undergarments during the region’s first great industrial boom nearly two centuries ago. Glimmerglass is honored to carry this legacy of American manufacturing into the 21st Century.

Our name reflects this heritage. “Glimmerglass” was the nickname given to nearby Otsego Lake by novelist James Fenimore Cooper, who was awed by
the tranquility and clarity of its waters. Glimmerglass pools have
brought this same serenity and beauty to thousands of homes

across the United States.

With models to fit every size and budget, it’s never been easier to transform your yard into an oasis. There is no better time than today to order your Glimmerglass pool—summer is just around the corner



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built to last

As the new centerpiece of your backyard, it’s essential that your pool is equipped to stand the test of time. Our manufacturing process ensures that your Glimmerglass pool will provide a lifetime of fun and leisure. 

Every Glimmerglass pool shell is crafted using the highest quality raw materials available and backed by our industry-leading warranty. Layers of high-grade vinyl ester resin and fiberglass create a shell with unrivaled structural integrity. A gelcoat surface layer adds brilliant color that glimmers in the sunlight and never fades.

The result is a pool shell that is both beautiful and durable, with the strength and flexibility to shift with surrounding soil and withstand extreme swings in temperature.