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built to last

As the new centerpiece of your backyard, it’s essential that your pool is equipped to stand the test of time. Our manufacturing process ensures that your Glimmerglass pool will provide a lifetime of fun and leisure.

Every Glimmerglass pool shell is crafted using the highest quality raw materials available and backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Layers of high-grade vinyl ester resin and fiberglass create a shell with unrivaled structural integrity. A gelcoat surface layer adds brilliant color that glimmers in the sunlight and never fades.

The result is a pool shell that is both beautiful and durable, with the strength and flexibility to shift with surrounding soil and withstand extreme swings in temperature.

Pool Contractor | Glimmerglass Pool and Spa - Installation Process 2
Pool Contractor | Glimmerglass Pool and Spa - Installation Process 1

committed to excellence

Unmatched Easy & Reliability


Glimmerglass pools are fabricated entirely in our Fort Plain, N.Y. manufacturing facility, meaning that once your pool is delivered installation can be completed in as little as one to two days. Concrete pools can take months to install, but your Glimmerglass fiberglass pool will be swim- ready in a matter of weeks.

Low maintenance

Fiberglass pools are ideally suited for saltwater sanitation systems that are friendly to both the environment and bathers’ eyes and skin.


Every Glimmerglass pool is surfaced with a gelcoat layer that is smooth to the touch yet slip- resistant. This nonabrasive finish—available in an array of dazzling colors—will never scrape your skin and naturally inhibits algae growth.

10-Year expenses

Pool Contractor | Glimmerglass Pool and Spa - Pricing Details